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Mining Applications

Custom Linings Polyurea and Industrial Materials have seen yers of service in a variety of mining applications to include:

Below is a sampling of our most used and popular products and their uses. Please contact Custom Linings through this link or look through our complete line of materials list and let us show you how we can meet your needs.

CL-IM-129 (1:9) - Industrial Membrane

Custom Linings® IM 129 is a two component, liquid applied, asphalt extended aromatic polyurethane that adheres to most substrates to form a waterproof membrane.

  • FEATURES: Seamless waterproof membrane, Economical Proven Protection, VOC Compliant, UV Stable, Excellent Adhesion and Impervious to water.
  • TYPICAL USES: Corrosion Protection, Containment, Waterproofing, Pond Liners and Tank Liners.
  • APPLIED ON: Concrete, Wood, Steel, Asphalt, Glass and other Coatings. Apply with a squeegee, notched trowel or phenolic roller. Most surfaces will require a primer before applying.

Custom Linings 911 (Industrial, containment, extreme service areas)

Custom Linings® 911 is a two component, 1:1, 100% solids, fast set, liquid applied, aromatic polyurea liner system for metal, concrete, fiberglass and wood surfaces. Suitable for applications at -20F.

  • FEATURES: Excellent Thermal Stability, Good Chemical Resistance (see Data Sheet), Zero VOC’s, No Toxic Vapors, Odorless, Meets USDA Criteria, Quick Drying, Low Temperature Flexibility, Non-reactive, Abrasion and Impact Resistant.
  • TYPICAL USES (but not limited to):Cargo liners, Cargo Holds, Utility Vehicles, Horse Trailers, Truck Bed & Heavy Equipment Surfaces, Industrial Floorings and Equipment Protection, Boat Linings, Walkways, Waterproof Decking, Containment Areas (Primary & Secondary), Encapsulation of Fiberglass Bodies and Polystyrene Foams.
  • APPLICATION: Plural component, heated, high pressure 1:1 spray mixing equipment.
  • COVERAGE: Custom Linings® 911 may be applied at any rate to achieve desired thickness. Theoretical coverage per gallon is 1600 sq. ft. at 1 mil.

Topgard 1110 (aliphatic, industrial, colored or clear)

Topgard 1110 is a two component, aliphatic polyester polyurethane for use in moderate to severe chemical environments in indoor or outdoor applications.

  • FEATURES: Color and Gloss Retention, Impact Resistant, Chemical Resistance (see Data Sheet for specifics), Meets California AQMD Requirements.
  • TYPICAL USES: Concrete, Plywood, Pedestrian Traffic, Vehicular Traffic, Power Generating Plants, Storage Tanks, Food Processing Facilities, Petrochemical Plants, Steel Structures & Bridges, Aircraft Hangars, Milling and Mining Industry, Manufacturing Plants, Pulp and Paper Industry and Warehouse Floors.
  • APPLICATION: Can be applied through a wide variety of options including Brush, Roller and Airless Sprayer (see Data Sheet for specifics). Topgard is 1110 easy to clean, chemical resistant, hard, with 30% elongation and was originally designed for Aircraft hanger use.