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Custom Linings Polyureas are the most advanced coatings available, and easily surpass the coating and protective products traditionally used by the oil and gas industry. Custom Linings coatings are designed to fill the gaps left by traditional coating products in physical properties, performance, protection, durability, application, installation time and cost & savings.

Custom Linings Polyurea’s ease of application and ability to be used directly on steel, polyurethane foam or mineral wool, make it an ideal universal anticorrosion coating product for entire pipelines including trunk and well-flow lines regardless of process temperature.

The fact it can be used above or below ground, or in fresh or salt water regardless of depth, makes it the most versatile coating product available to the oil and gas industry.

Custom Linings Polyurea is also ideal for lining primary and secondary containment regardless of the substrate including – steel, geotextile fabric, concrete or earth.