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Mining Solutions

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Have You Heard These Statements Before?

Safety Is Paramount.

A Strong Foundation Is Everything.

These Statements Ring True In The Mining Industry.
We Help Fortify The Shafts That Provide a Safe Workplace and increase the life of your equipment.

Mining Applications


  • Sprayable Shaft Lining Support

  • Shaft Lining Over/Under Mesh

  • Tailings/leach Pond Lining

  • Heavy Equipment Protection

  • Pipe or Duct Lining

  • Tank Cell Coating

  • Corrosion/Rust Protection

Custom Linings uses a heated high-pressure spray system to deliver
the most durable abrasion, corrosion, and chemical resistant coatings
available for use on steel, concrete, wood, and earthen substrates.


Custom Linings Specialty Ground Support, Shaft Lining (Rehab and New Sinking) and Mill Equipment protection that is MSHA compliant and proven at sites worldwide.

Steel, Wood, Concrete, and Earth

Our material can be used on steel, wood, concrete, and earthen substrates. Even Salt!

Environmentally Friendly

Our material is approved as V.O.C. free & NSF 61 


MSHA Compliant Systems

Certified MSHA Compliant

Creating a Safe Work Space

Prevents falling hazards such as loose rock or shotcrete making the mine safer for workers.

Industrial Strength Material

Our own proprietary material developed with 25 years of development, you won’t find a stronger protective coating.

Immediate Return to Service

Our project won’t delay yours with our quick-setting material. Get back to production fast!