The Toughest Truck Bed Liner

Our coatings were originally developed to protect 50ft Mining Haulers capable of carrying over 300 TONS!
We’ve continued to develop additional applications for our supremely high-quality material and started using it to protect our favorite vehicles, TRUCKS!
We also coat:
running boards, bumpers, rocker panels, and more!

Life-Time Warranty

Proudly backed by our Life-Time Warranty

Environmentally Friendly

Our material is approved as V.O.C. free


UV & Color Stable

Color won’t fade, crack, or warp from the sun

Prevents Rust & Corrosion

Prevents Rust, Leaks, & Chemical Corrosion. Typically seen in just over 1 year on today’s trucks

Industrial Strength Material

Originally made for large equipment. You won’t find a stronger protective coating

Reduces Load Slippage

Non-slip texture prevents cargo from moving during transport

Spray-On Bed Liner Comparison

Custom Linings vs. National Co. (with heated spray-on application)

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Accessory Removal

We start by removing all the necessary accessories from each truck bed: tie-downs, lights, and more. The removal ensures a seamless factory-finished look after install.

Precision Masking

We carefully protect the paint & glass by masking the outside of the entire truck. We install knife-less tape to all outside edges to produce a crisp clean finish.

Hand Sand w/ GRIT

This is where Custom Linings places our signature touch (other than our award-winning material). We HAND-SAND every truck bed to ensure that our bed liner permanently bonds to your bed and that it will be the last one your truck ever knows.

Heated High Pressure Application

State of the art equipment is used to apply a consistent heated high-pressure protective coating to each truck bed. Our spray team follows a strict process to ensure each truck bed receives maximum protection and a professional texturized finish.


“Custom Linings did an awesome job on my Chevy Silverado bed lining! Looks great and very durable. Thanks Guys!”


Owner, Quantum Wraps

“Awesome bed liner from Custom Lininings.
I use my truck for hauling dirt & rock.
Still looks great after a year of use!”


Google Review, SOCO Landscaping

Couldn’t be happier with the work on my Ford Ranger. Very professional and the staff were knowledgeable and courteous!

Chuck T.

Google Review

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