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If you are looking for a business opportunity, nationally or internationally, Custom Linings, Inc. is your source for the world’s highest quality applications, consumer, and industrial spray materials, equipment and support.

Whether you are simply looking for a quality spray-on bed liner for your vehicle, adding new services to your existing business or you are looking to start your own business, Custom Linings has something to offer you.

If you are looking to have your vehicle or other surface sprayed, Custom Linings is your company of choice!

Custom Linings has locations nationwide that can serve you. We only use top of the line, heated, high pressure equipment and an advanced Polyurea Resin material that will give you a highly durable, uniform liner that conforms to the surface sprayed with a factory finished look. Our Polyurea material is dry in less than 5 seconds and contains 0% volatile organic compounds and is non-flammable. Custom Linings material is warp, crack and split resistant, making it a maintenance and worry free solution for your needs. All of this is backed by our limited lifetime warranty. Custom Linings Polyurea is extremely versatile and has been effectively used for not only truck beds but trailers, jeep tubs, boats, decks, floors, tank linings and hundreds of other applications.

If you are looking for a business opportunity nationally or internationally Custom Linings has an answer for you!

Custom Linings is not a franchise, it is a business relationship. We work directly with you providing equipment, materials, training and support. We do not charge a franchise fee, have minimum purchase requirements or the desire to “micro-manage” your business. We want to work with people and businesses that understand that a quality product without a quality relationship really isn’t worth much. Our company objective is not to be the biggest but to be recognized in the industry as a quality company that ensures the success of those associated with us.


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Abrasion Resistance, Slip Resistance, Corrosion Protection, Marine Applications, Pipelines, Water Treatment and Wastewater Plants, Truck Fleets, Heavy Equipment Protection, Foundation Coatings, Spray Foam Insulation and Sprayed On Bed Liners

“Custom Linings did an awesome job on my ’09 Chevy Silverado bed lining! Looks great and very durable. Thanks Guys!”


Owner, Quantum Wraps

“Awesome bed liner from Custom Lininings.
I use my truck for hauling dirt & rock.
Still looks great after a year of use!”


Owner, SOCO Landscaping

“I’ve had our entire fleet done with custom linings sprayed bed liner. They look great and beds are slip resistant for added safety. ”


Owner, Moving Systems Inc.

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