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Custom Linings will extend the service life of municipal infrastructure, using a heated, high pressure system to deliver the most durable abrasion, corrosion, and chemical resistant coatings available for use on steel, concrete, wood, and earthen substrates.


Custom Linings’ specialty ground support and shaft liner systems provide  solutions for today’s underground mining environment. Rapid repair for rock fall hazards, failing shotcrete, wet/dry shafts;  used on steel, wood, concrete, and earthen substrates.

Industrial Applications

Custom Linings’ industrial applications encompass the following:  Flooring ApplicationsMining Applications, Casting & Roto-Molding,
Roofing & Decking, Pipeline & Water Treatment, Heavy Equipment,
Marine & Offshore Platforms, Oil & Gas Industry, Concrete Coatings & Caulking,  Foundation Coating, Primary Containment, Secondary Containment, and Spray Foam Insulation.

Bed liner applications

Custom Linings has  locations nationwide that can serve you. We use only top of the line, heated, high pressure equipment and an advanced Polyurea Resin material that will give you a highly durable, uniform liner that conforms to the surface sprayed with a factory finished look. Our Polyurea material is dry in less than 5 seconds and contains 0% volatile organic compounds, and is       non-flammable.

Industrial Equipment

Industrial Equipment – Material Sales & Service.

Bed Liner Equipment

Bed liner equipment – Materials Sales & Service.

The Quality Lining Source

Nationally or internationally, Custom Linings, Inc. is your source for the world’s highest quality consumer and industrial polyurea protective materials, spray application equipment, and technical support.

We serve a variety of industries and needs including: Petrochemical, Steel, Wood and Concrete Construction and Repair, Mining Operations, Blast Mitigation, Flooring, Roofing, Casting, Wood and Concrete Decking, Primary and Secondary Containment, Waterproofing, Abrasion Resistance, Slip Resistance, Corrosion Protection, Marine Applications, Pipelines, Water Treatment and Wastewater Plants, Truck Fleets, Heavy Equipment Protection, Foundation Coatings, Spray Foam Insulation and Sprayed On Bed Liners . 

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