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Why Use Polyurea?

Polyurea is a versatile solution that offers an impressive range of protection, from the high-impact wear and tear experienced by mining and construction equipment to pipelines carrying corrosive materials. It provides superior abrasion protection in dumpers transporting abrasive loads such as coal or metallic ores, while offering reliable guard against cathodic disbonding when applied as base coating. Furthermore, it can also be used for pump coating to reduce erosion caused by cavitation – all the way up to lining aquaculture tanks and ponds with waterproofing properties for canal repair work.

Defense & Security Sectors

Polyurea coatings and linings are being used extensively in the defense and security sectors, due to their remarkable impact resistance, explosive energy absorption capabilities, durability and fast setting features. Its application for ballistic missile systems is renowned; with its ability to contract/expand according to environmental temperature changes forming a moisture-tight seal that protects from abrasion damage while still maintaining an attractive glossy look. On top of this, polyurea spray coating on truck bed liners help reducing vibration levels which contributes significantly towards safety operations; additionally it can be applied as a protective barrier against bomb blasts when covering military buildings.


Polyurea coatings provide protection in hospital environments from dangerous viruses and bacteria, by sealing cracks to help maintain sterile conditions. These protective coatings prevent scratches that can occur due to frequent scrubbing while also prohibiting moisture seepage – reducing the risk of secondary infections for patients and creating a clean environment conducive towards quality healthcare delivery.

Surfaces of Steel and Concrete Bridges

Polyurea’s hardwearing elastomeric structure makes it an ideal coating for repairing and maintaining concrete structures. It is renowned for its rapid curing rate, resilience to impacts and superior flexural strength – ensuring the stability of impacted areas or those at risk of crack propagation. When applied as a protective sealant around cracking surfaces, polyurea can provide long-term durability against further deterioration without compromising structural integrity.

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Nationally or internationally, Custom Linings, Inc. is your source for the world’s highest quality consumer and industrial polyurea protective materials, spray application equipment, and technical support. Custom Linings has effectively met the Coatings and Equipment needs for industries and individuals locally and worldwide.

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