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GRACO Reactor A-XP1

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Max Working Pressure: 3500 PSI

Min Working Pressure: N/A

Max Hose Length: 210 ft (64 m)

Max Fluid Temp: 170° F (77° C)

Output: 1.5 gal (5.7 L) /min

Weight: 250 lb (114 kg)

Reactor App Compatible: No

Graco Reactor A-XP1

The Reactor A-XP1 is a Graco-engineered coatings proportioner that gives you the reliability you expect on the job site. It maintains consistent temperature control, even when spraying at maximum flow rates – resulting in better quality coating.


Quick Knockdown Pumps

  • Allows for easy service
  • Fast disassembly

NXT Air Motor

  • Low air consumption for increased efficiency
  • Muffler provides low operating noise levels
  • Air valve provides smooth and rapid changeover

Three Heat Zones

  • Three independent heat zones – ISO, resin and hose heat
  • Provide accurate heat control for reliable spraying to handle different chemical viscosities
  • Digital temperature controls

ISO Pump Lube System

  • Prevents isocyanate crystallization on the pump seal and shaft