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The Toughest Truck & Trailer Coatings Available

Custom Linings, Inc uses a heated, high-pressure spray system to provide the most durable commercial and industrial coatings available for truck beds, trailers, fabricated steel assemblies, and work trucks.

Our coatings adhere to sanded painted surfaces, sandblasted or primed metals, can be sprayed on from 1/16” up to 2” thick, and are not affected by most chemicals, salts, fuels, and UV exposure.

Custom Linings coatings are dry in 3-7 seconds, available in multiple colors, contain no VOC’s and unlike painted-on products, Custom Linings coatings are non-flammable.

All our spray systems include training at your facility or you may opt for training at our Colorado Training Facility.   Our training will ensure you high-quality results and loyal satisfied customers for years to come.

Life-Time Warranty

Proudly backed by our Life-Time Warranty

Environmentally Friendly

Our material is approved as V.O.C. free


UV & Color Stable

Color won’t fade, crack, or warp from the sun

Prevents Rust & Corrosion

Prevents Rust, Leaks, & Chemical Corrosion. Typically seen in just over 1 year on today’s trucks

Industrial Strength Material

Originally made for large equipment. You won’t find a stronger protective coating

Reduces Load Slippage

Non-slip texture prevents cargo from moving during transport